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HPE Secure Mail

HPE SecureMail Achieving End-to-End Email Security without Impacting the User Experience

In regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, consumer privacy and data security have become a top priority for most IT departments. The regulations and penalties for non-compliance seem onerous but pale in comparison to the loss of trust from customers when a security breach does occur. Email is the de facto way for how organizations communicate especially outside their firewalls. If not properly protected, email can be one of the most vulnerable systems in a company’s infrastructure. The challenge is to implement a secure email system that complies with all regulations and is easy to integrate with existing business systems.


Flaws of traditional email encryption

Most traditional email encryption approaches must rely on multiple delivery methods resulting in security gaps from messages being split. Legacy S/MIME and PGP PKI are complex for IT and incompatible with Gmail, Yahoo, and Android. Proprietary Symmetric Key requires complex key database management, and can also lead to data loss if a key is corrupted. Proprietary Webmail surfers from end-user confusion with multiple inboxes, blocked or expired links, and no access to contacts.


HPE SecureMail Solution

HPE SecureMail is the best of breed end-to-end encrypted email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile that is scalable to millions of users, while keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI) secure and private. This level of secure email communication gives organizations the confidence to transition from paper to electronic communication.