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Saltworks takes a holistic approach to application security, working with our customers to integrate appropriate security measures into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to ensure that application are secure and delivered on time and within budget. The need to integrate application security into the SDLC is even more important with the shift to Agile and DevOps approaches to development and delivery.  If security isn’t fully integrated security will slip or time lines will be missed.

Saltworks takes a three step approach to integrating security into the SDLC.  This approach helps our customers to plan a clear path forward, implement the technologies and processes to support the plan and operate the program on an ongoing basis.  The Saltworks approach includes:

{} Program Design : Creating a plan to integrate security into the SDLC and release process

{}Solution Implementation : Putting the necessary technologies in place to support the road forward.

{}Application Security Operations Center (ASOC) : Running the program on an ongoing basis by working with development and operations teams to ensure appropriate security is maintained over time

{}Penetration Testing: Saltworks as partnered with Cobalt to provide crowd sourced Pen Testing by Certified Ethical Hackers.