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Automated dynamic application security testing

HPE WebInspect is the industry-leading Web application security assessment solution designed to thoroughly analyze today’s complex Web applications and Web services for security vulnerabilities. With broad technology coverage and application runtime visibility through the HPE WebInspect Agent, HPE WebInspect provides the broadest dynamic application security testing (DAST) coverage and detects new types of vulnerabilities that often go undetected by black-box security testing technologies.

Faster scans, better results

HPE Security WebInspect identifies and prioritizes security vulnerabilities in running applications, and interactively communicates security knowledge needed to reproduce and fix discovered issues. Through co–operation with other HPE Fortify solutions and integrations with HPE Quality Center and HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), HPE WebInspect’s first-class knowledge base provides comprehensive details about the vulnerability detected, the implications of that vulnerability if it were to be exploited, as well as best practices and coding examples necessary to quickly pinpoint and fix the issue, all published in the developer’s defect management solution.

Reduce risk through dynamic scanning early and often

The earlier in the SDLC that security vulnerabilities are discovered, the less expensive they are to fix. HPE WebInspect gives security professionals and security novices alike the power and knowledge to quickly identify, prioritize, and validate critical, high-risk security vulnerabilities in running applications.

Continuous monitoring

HPE Security WebInspect Enterprise is key to successfully managing large-scale dynamic application security testing program. It helps by identifying and tracking sites that pose the greatest risk, examine security trends and comply with internal and external security policies and regulations. WebInspect Enterprise enables security and management teams the visibility to monitor their applications on a regular basis for changes in the security posture. Application releases often bypass security and unwittingly expose a company to risk. With WebInspect Enterprise, each site can be scanned by WebInspect on a recurring basis with results sent to the centralized vulnerability management in HPE Fortify Software Security Center.